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We work on a contingency basis which means we are not paid any fee's until your are paid by your Insurance Company. Our fee's are generally a flat percentage of what we recover for you. If you have already been paid by your Insurance Company we are only paid on the new additional money that is paid on your claim. We can help you with new and old claims that are up to 5 years old.

We Fight for You!

The Insurance company adjuster is paid by the insurance company to control what is paid out by the Insurance Company. Conversely a Public Adjuster is paid a percentage of the settlement we recover for you under your policy. It is not uncommon for us to increase your settlement 2-4 times of what you could obtain on your own. Insurance Company's have their experts looking out for them shouldn't you have our experts looking out for you

Southern States Public Adjusters Insurance Claim/Loss Consultants

Insurance Claim Help For Your Home or Business, All Types of Property Insurance Claims, Kitchen Fire, Water Damage, Plumbing Leaks, Smoke Damage, Private Adjuster

Insurance Claim Consultants Loss Consultants

Insurance Claim Help for Your Home Or Business

One of the most devastating experiences someone can go through in life is a Catastrophic Loss to your Home or Business.  Structure Fires, Plumbing Leak, Sewage Back-Up, Toilet Overflow or Burglary Claim can push you to the limits emotionally and the amount of time it take to get you home or business back on track. Your Life for the moment is turned up side down, after the immediate need to provide safety for your family and/or employees has been accomplished the long process of rebuilding must begin. Not only the property damages but your personal life and the loss of displaced customers. Having one of our Professional Insurance Claim/Loss Consultants with Southern States Public Adjuster Inc. can speed up the process and free up your time to a full emotional and financial recovery. We are a  Insurance Claim Loss Consultants that provide insurance claims assistance though out the South Eastern United States, We are ready to assist you in the process of settling your insurance claim.

The one common concern we have heard during an Insurance Claim for the past 30 plus years is the fear of uncertainty, Where will my family live? Will I be paid enough money to rebuild or repair my damage from my insurance company? What happens if I have problems with my insurance company? How can I run my business and have the time to settle my claim? These are all very important questions and the answers are not always easy to find on your own. Fortunately you do not have to go it alone, we have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners put the pieces back together. Our Public Adjusters are  Professional Insurance Claim Loss Consultants who have helped people just like you recover Millions of dollars in our 30 plus year history. We represent clients throughout Florida and the South-Eastern United States, we can be reached 24-Hours a day at our Toll Free Tel #: 866-737-3881 or 386-740-4850, 407-567-7400 for more information.

Smart Phone Site: www.flpublicadjuster.mobi
Sister Site: www.myadjuster.info

Feel free to explore our website, below is a list of the most common claims we are involved with. If you do not see a particular or similar Loss or Claim please contact us for more information.

  • Accident- Damage to property from a vehicle
  • Burglary- Home Invasion, Theft, Break-in,
  • Blasting- Demolition and property damages
    occurring as a result of Blasting.
  • Boiler- Explosion, Leakage, Water Heater Leaks.
  • Catastrophe- Hurricane, Tornado’s, Earthquakes and Flood.
  • Construction Defect, Collapse  and the property damages
    caused by the defect.
  • Earthquake
  • Earth Movement –Such as Sinkhole.
  • Freezing – Property damage due to plumbing
    lines freezing.
  • Fire – Bldg or Structure fire including Kitchen Fires and damage
    to Furniture and Contents.
  • Flood – Natural or man-made.
  • Hurricane – Windstorm, Tornado.
  • Hail Roof & Building damage
    from hail.
  • Lightning – Damage to contents & Bldg.
  • Mold – Damage to BLDG. & Contents.
  • Plumbing Leaks – Pipe Rupture-Water Heater
    Leaks Etc.
  • Smoke Damage, Wildfire to BDLG. & Contents
  • Sewage Back-up Incl. Toilet Overflow
  • Sinkhole
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle, Damage to building caused by vehicles
  • Water Damage of all types




For More Information Please Call us at our Toll Free, Tel #:866-737-3881, 407-567-7400 or 386-717-5700.